The Technology

The OMEGA SG™ and OMEGA SC™ FILTER SERIES are mechanical liquid-solid separation filters ideal for mobile and stationary equipment that service sewers, grease traps, septic tanks or any other liquid-solid separation task with the most rigorous requirements.

Key Features:

  • Self-cleaning system prevents clogging;
  • Excellent for high grease concentration applications;
  • SST design reduces wear & tear and extends filter life;
  • Continuous filtration system;
  • Easy to retrofit existing equipment;
  • Compact and lightweight system;
  • Lower carbon foot print;
  • Eliminates the use of chemicals, environmentally friendly;
  • Allows the liquid to be recirculated in standard pumps requiring ultra-fine filtration;
  • Depending on your application:
    - reduces the amount of water to get solids ready for Biogas plants or composting centres;
    - does not affect bacterial flora.

OMEGA SC Filter Series™



OMEGA SC-100™ and Omega SC-200™ filters are self-cleaning and will not clog in sewer applications, where high concentrations of fiber, hair or grease are present.

Storm lines collect all types of dirt and debris such as gravel, sand, branches, etc., making it hard on your equipment. OMEGA SC-100™ and SC-200™ are entirely made of high grade stainless steel; they will take anything you throw at them and remain in perfect shape for years.
The clarified/recycled water from the storm or sewer lines can be re-used to supply the jetter pump to continue the cleaning process seamlessly.
Recycling water, combined with more space for solids, allows for a full day’s operation without refilling the fresh water tank or emptying the debris tank – not to mention the environmental impact of recycling thousands of gallons of water per day.


Slaughter houses, meat transformation and food preparation industries use large quantities of water which need to be treated before it can be returned to the city sewer system. OMEGA SC-100™ and Omega SC-200™ filters are the ideal complement to your filtering system with their high grease-retaining capacity, rugged design and self-cleaning technology, which simplifies maintenance and lowers operational costs.
Ask us how OMEGA SC-100™ and Omega SC-200™ filter Series can help you save money, and enhance your specific application.

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OMEGA SG Filter Series™


Omega SG-100™ and Omega SG-200™ filters are unparalleled at filtering septic tank contents. The filters work continuously and returns 15% more clarified water than any other filtering solution available on the market, which leaves less water in the solid waste tank.

Omega SG-100™ and Omega SG-200™ filters are the perfect solution to rid septic tanks of high grease and fibre contents, while optimizing disposal costs.



The Omega SG-100™ and Omega SG-200™ filters are outstanding at cleaning grease traps since you can return up to 80% of the liquid content, which has been purified at 99%. This allows you to work all day without having to empty the truck tank.

With its unique design, the patent pending technology of the Omega SG Filter Series create a counter-gyration effect that prevents clogging and operation delays, while providing high quality results every time.




OMEGA SG™ and OMEGA SC™ Technical Specifications

FO0000-3      FO0000-4 ENG


Providing a 360° Solution

When working with us, not only will you get the best technology available, you will be working with our experienced engineers throughout the entire implementation process, ensuring the design meets your expectations and the development progresses smoothly.

Below is a quick overview of the product integration process and services you will receive with your first purchase of the OMEGA SG™ or OMEGA SC™ FILTER SERIES.